Flat Fee Listing $89.00

How It Works

With Flat Fee Real Estate Listings™ , you will maintain full control of the sale of your home. In exchange for one low fee, our brokerage will list your property on the MLS and other popular real estate websites such as Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, and Homes.com, as well as many others. Flat Fee Real Estate Listings™ will also provide you with the contracts and forms that you need to sell your home. Just follow these steps listed below to get your home sold.

Steps to Get Your Home Sold:

Step 1: Fill out the form

Complete and send the Client ‘List Now’ Form Below

Step 2: Welcome Letter

Welcome Letter sent with listing information we need and process explained

Step 3: Provide Information

Gather and provide us with the information requested in the letter

Step 4: Send Photos

Send photos by email attachment according to the specifications indicated. Photos must be your property. No Copies.

Please send 25+ or so photos as attachments For maximum quality, upload photos in Landscape Format- at least 1024W x 768H pixels in size. JPEG only. I cannot copy or use the photos on Zillow, Craigslist ect. They are not in jpeg format

Step 5: Listing Upload

We will have the listing completed and uploaded within 24 hours of receipt of all information.

Step 6: Revisions

Review listing and request any changes.

Step 7: Payment

Make payment. . We prefer PayPal which accepts all credit cards.

Fill out this form and get your property on the MLS

We look forward to selling your property and saving you thousands of dollars!

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