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About Flat Fee Real Estate Listings™

Sarasota Group is a rapidly emerging real estate firm that deals with property and expertise in Florida flat-free listings. We provide our customers with excellent options attainable in the most convenient way possible, creating a high user-friendly Florida flat fee real estate experience.

Drawing upon decades of experience and market-specific knowledge, Sarasota Group is growing into a successful Florida flat fee real estate company. We assist our client's acquisition and disposition above and beyond in any market.

We ensure that our clients can navigate the complex, fast-paced Florida real estate market as effectively as possible. Compelled by constant growth and expansion, we provide our clients with distinctive experiences tailored to both clients and the community.

This boutique brokerage was founded by Gary Brey, who aims to make Florida flat fee services accessible, affordable, easy and make this home buying and selling process fun for everyone. With his 25+ years of experience, he has a hand-picked team of veteran professionals who provide quality, customer-driven services throughout Florida.

Brey offers some excellent marketing services by providing the insight you need to make well- informed decisions. He ensures a successful real estate transaction for his clients with the latest market trends knowledge, attention to detail, and superior sales skills.

Meet Gary Brey (Owner/Broker)

Brey is a top flat fee MLS realty agent and the owner of Sarasota Group. He holds a degree from Michigan State University and attended Wayne State University Law School. Before launching his real estate career, Brey began as the co-founder of mid-America industries, a leading advertising and promotional firm focusing on the insurance industry.

Later, when he moved to Los Angeles and grew his advertising business, he developed a passion for real estate. In 1995, Brey expanded his business to Sarasota real estate market. With the approach and understanding it takes to be an expert, Brey has provided buyers with a life-changing experience that they'd only dreamed of.

Awards And Achievements:

Brey joined hands with Coldwell Banker and Re/Max and developed a 10 million profitable housing and commercial development in elite residential California neighborhoods. He has earned many awards and designations, including an election into the Re/Max International Hall of Fame.

Gary aims to give his customers great exposure to get their homes sold quickly and for top dollar for one low flat fee.

We Are Dedicated To Extraordinary Client Services:

Here are just a few unique features only found with our listings

Our Core Value Is To Be The Solution:

In addition to offering a '100% Guaranteed Sale' feature, flat fee Business has introduced a BYGO offer in the flat fee listing business. When property owners list their property with our company, they can also list a second residential property or vacant lot for no charge – not 1 penny. It is not too good to be true. This is just another example of our company once again staying in front of our competitors.

List your home in the MLS for one low flat fee of $69

We look forward to selling your property and saving you thousands of dollars!